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First post

During 2016 I decided to join the Barcelona Hub project, created by the Inceptum Foundation. The Hub is a collaborative workplace, with different areas, including office and coworking space. The goal of Inceptum is to help and promote projects (from personal to corporate) with a special interest in those with a social purpose, non-profits, free software and STEM education projects.

But what made me join them is their workshop. The place I like to call The Makerspace. I came here with just one idea in my mind: Spend my days hacking and making things, learning about the stuff that I like: DIY, electronics, Linux, coding and security. It’s been a tough start, mainly because I’m a quite a chaotic being. So far I’ve been able to:

  • Create an emergency exit system based on an Adafruit Trinket by hacking a wireless-triggered alarm system.
  • Create a crappy, Raspberry Pi-based home surveillance system using a PIR sensor, a camera, a relay and a lamp.
  • Create a full-length smart mirror, using a Raspberry Pi and by repairing a broken 22” TV that I got for 10€.
  • Build a Prusa i3 3D printer.
  • Create an interactive art project using Processing, Arduino and the capacitance of the human body.
  • Make the most awesome marriage proposition by mixing my skills in videogames, networking, 3D printing, RFID, electronics and programming.
  • Repair my bike several times, saving some money.
  • Do a lot of microprojects that I’m putting together in order to create my first on-line course on programming, electronics and Arduino (in spanish).
  • Create this website using Hugo!

So I thought… Why am I not documenting these? I am constantly discovering things that I find useful and could be useful to others. I have always admired those who publish their projects and share them with everyone. Lots of anonymous people have helped me by sharing their experience and knowledge openly. I always wanted to do it. I finally feel confident that what I do may be handy to others, to you, maybe :) What I share in this place are the things that I like the most, my interests, the silly things that make my day.