Trying to repair a jura nespresso

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A few months ago, a broken Nespresso machine fell into my hands. The first thing you notice when you try to repair a Nespresso machine is that you can’t open it because it has the weirdest screws that you have ever seen. However, everything can be solved when the comunity comes together, as Cristopher M. Lott demonstrates in his awesome post Repairing a Jura Nespresso Machine. It turns out that people started building special tools to turn the oval screws that are found in this machine, and sell it online. Read More...

Lessons learned from building a Magic Hoodie

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Earlier this month we were able to finish our magic hoodie project. It’s been a cool thing to build with the kids. Maybe a bit complicated, specially regarding the TCS3200 part, but they really liked the result. It worked pretty well with the poor code we developed. But I’m sure that they learned a lot. The effect is rather magic: “Oh! Nice shirt, I like the color, let me copy it. Read More...

Playing with the TCS3200 Color Sensor

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I’m working in really cool project with some of my students. We want to make a magic hoodie. The idea is simple: We take a basic hoodie, some LEDs, a color sensor, and an Arduino board. We decorate the hoodie with the LEDs, and try to make them mimic the color detected with the sensor. But the TCS3200 sensor is trickier than I first thought, so in order to understand it better, I’ve written this post. Read More...